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Exercise My Pet


We offer a number of different services like Dog Walking, Pet Feeding, Transport and Minding. Check out the pages for more information and pricing details. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Exercise My Pet staff directly.


The Walking Experience

ABN: 62 497 159 155

Daily exercise and a healthy social life for pets is vital in keeping your beloved pet fit and healthy. All dogs need daily exercise, attention and stimulation. By giving your pet a daily dose of exercise you can relax. We understand if your struggling to find the time to walk your pet, let Exercise My Pet help you enjoy your time with your pet without feeling guilty.

The Exercise My Pet team has more than five years experience walking pets, feeding and pet minding. We work hard to provide your pet with the walking experience you want them to enjoy.

We offer a wide variety of walking experiences for your pet. Whether it's a daily, weekly or the occasional treat. We offer walks that are early morning or late evening to avoid the extreme temperatures Sydney sometimes endures.

Exercise My Pet services a number of suburbs if yours it's on the list don't worry contact us and we would be happy to make an appointment to see you.

The philosophy of Exercise My Pet team is to treat your pet the way we treat ours as part of the family. We approach all pets with love, attention, a sense of fun and professionalism.

We have over five years experience walking pets and looking after pets whether their dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, fish or birds. We offer excellent service with a smile.

Exercise My Pet rates are very competitive check out the prices page for more details.



Every Pet Should Be Happy.

Many people wonder why they should spend money on pet walking services.

  • Over 60% of all Australian dogs are over weight.
  • Regular walking will keep your pet healthy and the weight your pet off.
  • The RSPCA recommends all dogs should be walked at least once a day.
  • Many pets are left home alone for over eight hours at a time and this can be very distressing.
  • Regular walking calms and reinvigorates your pet.
  • Walking is a great way for your pet to socialize in a calm, friendly and happy environment.
  • Pets are like people like they to get out and see the world and enjoy themselves within a group of friends.
  • Dogs are pack animals and love the company a group walk affords, especially if they are an only pet.
  • Regular walking of your pet takes the pressure and worry of maintaining a healthy pet off your mind.